How it works today – The Age of Complexity

Today we are in what I call the age of complexity and we can say with absolute certainty that the world no longer opens its doors to us in this way. Everything has changed around us! The way to travel, to move around, involves costs that are much more attractive than it could be for our parents or grandparents

Not only that, the training has also changed. Some paths that once required a diploma now require a degree (nurse, social worker), the number of people who continue to study and therefore study longer, and many have the choice to study abroad or away from home.

Relationships then changed: we no longer get married young, marriage is no longer forever and was replaced (at least for a few years) by cohabitation, plans are made later, after the age of 30.

Let’s not forget an important element: the world of work has changed because companies move their headquarters with the same ease with which I move from my home to my office, thanks also to the increasingly developed technology and the globalization that has put them in competition. workers all over the world. These transformations lead many companies to be born and died with a speed that was once unthinkable.

Under these conditions, you can’t even look for work too far away: you paid for the house (with a mortgage, I remind you), do you want not to go back in the evening? It is therefore obvious that you will need to have a job close to home or you must still operate in the area around your home if you are self-employed.