No More Waiting for a Buyer: Sell Your House for Cash Now

There are many scenarios in which sellers of properties may be waiting for a buyer to make a purchase. These situations include homes on the market for less than three-months, homes on the market for six-months or longer, and homes with an increasing number of negative listings. Discover more information here

A buyer cannot be found and the seller goes into default. There is not much time left before this property will need to be sold again by auction at a lower price point. Here are some tips to avoid this scenario.

Do not expect to be able to sell your home for top dollar

Value in the housing market is different than what it was five years ago. Home values are going up, but not all homes are selling as quickly as they once did. The top areas of the country are seeing the highest appreciation, but they are also the areas with the most homes and the most competition. The difference in value between where you live and where an ideal buyer lives is becoming smaller. If you want to sell your home for top dollar, then move to the area where it is tops.

Price your property competitively

When you price your house competitively you are telling people that your house is just another average home with an average price tag. Homebuyers do not want the average home in their neighborhood; they would rather have the best one there. If they can buy the best one at a competitive price, then they will be willing to go over budget to make that purchase happen. When you price your house competitively, you are really setting yourself up for a faster sale.

Work with a professional mortgage broker

When you work with a professional mortgage broker, you are increasing your chances of buying or selling your property for top dollar. A good mortgage broker will be able to find the financing that matches the property perfectly and meets the needs of the buyer and seller. A mortgage broker can also work to save you a lot of money from the start of the transaction, and get you the best cash price.

Buy your home at auction

This is one way that we have successfully sold homes in our own listings. The seller is not obligated to sell at auction; they have a right to accept an offer that is closer to their asking price. We have found that this method works very well because it gives sellers time to consider their options and work with the real estate agent on their price.