Check Out the Real Costs of Selling Your House

Selling your house is the most exciting journey. But, amidst this thrill, you have to be totally aware of costs involved. Preparing home for sale isn’t only about staging or making it look quite presentable. You have to set aside proper budget for different expenses that will come with selling the property with help of Here are a few costs that you have to consider before you put your home out in the market:

Agent Fees

An estate agent provides their services to the homeowners who are looking to sell the homes. But in return, agents get the commission fee from seller after a sale is finalized. Percentage of a fee is generally between 5 to 6% of its selling price. Whereas this might appear like the steep price, but having the experienced estate agent will help to ensure the successful and smooth sale.

Repairs & Renovations

Before you list the home, it is very important to address repairs and renovations required to increase the value and make this quite appealing to the potential buyers. Cost of repairs may depend on condition of the property; however some repairs that you need to consider will include fixing the leaky roof, repainting your walls, and upgrading the kitchen and bathroom. Suppose you have enough time and skillsets, then some of the projects can also be done on your own just to save on the expenses.

Home Staging

The home staging mainly refers to process of styling the home to look best. It involves decluttering, cleaning as well as arranging your furniture to make the property appear very presentable as well as inviting. That depends on an extent of staging required; you might have to hire the professional staging company. The costs vary depending on the location, size of home, and amount of work needed.

Home Inspection & Appraisal Fees

Before you consider selling your house, it is very common to have the inspection done just to identify underlying issues and defects that might impact your home sale. Inspections generally cost some hundred dollars. Appraisal is essential to determine current value of the property. Cost of the appraisal will vary, however it falls within some hundred dollars to more.

Closing Costs

Finally, you will have to set aside the proper budget for closing your costs. It refers to expenses that are involved in finalizing a sale, like title search fees, transfer taxes and legal fees. On an average, closing costs will range from 2 to 5% of selling price.